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Let your spirit free through the movement and rhythms of West Africa.


Experience the spirit and joy of traditional African dance and drum with Tiyumba Drum and Dance Company.

Tiyumba Foundation

Supporting the educational and cultural development of youth in Ghana.

“Free your mind and connect to the rhythm”

Tiyumba offers opportunities to join in the rhythm and movement of African drum and dance through workshops, classes, performances and one on one instruction.  Learn about the origin of Tiyumba, it’s founder and artistic director, Fatawu Sayibu, and how to get involved in Tiyumba Drum and Dance. 

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Meaning of Tiyumba

Tiyumba (tee-yoom-bah) means “let’s love them”, and is at the heart of the mission of Tiyumba Drum and Dance. With the spirit of traditional African culture, Tiyumba reaches out and includes All in a joyful expression of life and community. As is taught by Ghanaian elders, “togetherness brings health and happiness”.

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TYDCC works to shape the future of young people through deep cultural knowledge, formal education and skills. Help us build a strong foundation of support for the youth and their families in northern Ghana.

Ghana Trip Testimonials

” Traveling to Ghana with Fatawu and Tiyumba was a most transformative experience. It was incredible to learn from village elders and cultural leaders about the history and cultural perspectives of Ghana. Fatawu has created a beautiful community with the M’Bangba Cultural School. The Tiyumba Ghana cultural immersion trip is a profound and enriching opportunity!

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Sarah Skahan


” The Tiyumba Ghana Trip is a one of a kind trip that has brought us new relationships and a lasting impact on our lives.  We encourage people of any age interested in the local culture and landscape of West Africa, to travel with Fatawu!

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Lauren Anderson


” My Ghana cultural immersion experience is something I will cherish forever.  The only thing better than my 2016 trip to Ghana would be a repeat in 2017! The drumming, dancing, sites and excursions, markets, many family members and friends of Fatawu – all made for a memorable visit to Ghana. 

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Bob Colbert