The Tiyumba Foundation works to preserve cultural heritage and support healthy education by creating a safe space for youth in the community, supporting more individualized education opportunities and by passing down Ghanaian music and dance.


The primary project of the Tiyumba Foundation is the Tiyumba Youth Development and Cultural Center.



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Tiyumba Youth Development & Cultural Center


Formally known as the M’Bangba Cultural School, Tiyumba Youth Development and Cultural Center has been working to bring educational and cultural opportunities to youth in Tamale, Ghana since 2005.


We offer culture-based development through individual and small group tutoring, high quality literature and language studies and traditional learning opportunities for students and the local community.


Currently, Tiyumba Youth Development and Cultural Center serves 35-45 young people between ages 6 and 15. TYDCC is looking to expand programming to more youth in the area. Many students and schools in Tamale do not have access to learning equipment such as libraries or computers. And many of the school classrooms have up to 50 or even 60 students per teacher. We are raising funds to build a new center!



To provide hope and a safe space for young people in Ghana to pursue their dreams through education, cultural knowledge and practice.


Develop a center designed to promote cultural connection, literacy and a positive relationship to reading and technology for youth and wider community

Create a safe place where the youth can come together, learn, and solidify their identity through mentorship, play, and interaction in a structured, cultural and education-based setting

Encourage exchange of ideas and expertise between students and volunteers or teachers who travel to the center

Raise sufficient funds to meet the ongoing needs of existing projects, including the repair and maintenance of buildings

New Building Project

A new educational center is needed to support the future of these youth! The center will include a library with computers, performance hall, classrooms for tutoring and guest rooms for students, volunteers and teachers. It will provide a safe space for youth to improve upon their formal education, learn their cultural heritage and share their learnings with their families and community.

Support Youth in Ghana

Contribute to the Tiyumba Youth Development & Cultural Center

TYDCC works to shape the future of young people through deep cultural knowledge, formal education and skills. Help us build a strong foundation of support for the youth and their families in northern Ghana.

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