The Tiyumba Foundation provides youth in Tamale, Ghana, with education and an understanding of their unique cultural heritage. We create a safe space for children by providing classes, individualized attention, music and dance.


The Tiyumba Foundation is the principal sponsor of the Tiyumba Youth Development & Cultural Center. With your help, we can support these children for a bright and better future.



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Tiyumba Youth Development & Cultural Center


Tiyumba Youth Development & Cultural Center brings education and cultural opportunities to youth in Tamale, Ghana.


We offer culture-based development through individual and small group tutoring, high quality literature and language studies and traditional learning opportunities for students and the local community.


Currently, Tiyumba Youth Development & Cultural Center serves 50 children between ages 6 and 15. We wish to expand programming to more youths in the area. Many schools in Tamale lack libraries, computers and other equipment we take for granted in the West. Many classrooms seat 50-60 students. We are raising funds to build a larger facility so we can help more children grow up to become healthy, functioning members of their community. Master drummer and dancer Fatawu Sayibu, founder of Tiyumba Drum & Dance Company and Tiyumba Foundation, is founder of the M’Bangba Cultural School.



To provide hope and a safe space for young people in Ghana to pursue their dreams through education, cultural knowledge and practice.


Develop a center designed to promote cultural connection, literacy and a positive relationship to reading and technology for youth and the wider community.

Create a safe place where children can come together, learn and solidify their identity through mentorship, play and interaction in a structured, cultural and education-based setting.

Encourage the exchange of ideas and expertise between students and volunteers or teachers who travel to the center.

Raise sufficient funds to meet the ongoing needs of existing projects, including the repair and maintenance of buildings

New Building Project

A new educational center is needed to support the future of these youth! The center will include a library with computers, performance hall, classrooms for tutoring and guest rooms for students, volunteers and teachers. It will provide a safe space for youth to improve upon their formal education, learn their cultural heritage and share their learnings with their families and community.

Support Youth in Ghana

Contribute to the Tiyumba Youth Development & Cultural Center

The Tiyumba Youth Development & Cultural Center is building a future for young people In Tamale, Ghana, through cultural heritage and formal education. Help us provide a strong foundation for these children and their families. Please donate today.

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  • $1,000 = New educational center patron!
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  • $500 = Sponsorship of 1 child's school fees, books & uniforms for 1 year of formal education
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