Ghana 2020 — the trip of a lifetime

Experience the cultural vibrancy of the people of Ghana. You will dance, drum, dine and celebrate with the people who live there – exploring the culture as part of a large family, not just as a tourist.


Our home base, Tamale, remains largely an agricultural town. It is very traditional, providing an amazing opportunity to experience the friendly atmosphere of old Ghana alongside the conveniences of a modern city. During our stay, you have the opportunity to learn local arts and trades, such as weaving, making shea butter and traditional tie-dying.



When you join us, you have the option of choosing between an emphasis on dance or drumming. Daily group lessons, guest teaching artists and a residency with the local dance troupe at the Tiyumba Youth Development & Cultural Center provide you the opportunity to learn entire dances, rhythms, songs and performances. Our teachers have extensive experience sharing their culture with students from all over the world.


Our stay culminates with a performance for the elders and community members. This is a once in-a-lifetime opportunity for cross-cultural communication and celebration that you will never forget.



In addition to our stays in Accra and Tamale, included in the trip are four excursions.  Students will have the opportunity to experience the beauty, diverse landscapes and animals, and history of the country in both the southern and northern regions.  These trips may include:


Kakum Rainforest
40 meters high, you will pass over 7 hanging bridges reaching a length of 330 meters.  You will have a chance to see plants and animals from a perspective you could never otherwise dream of.


Cape Coast Slave Castle
Walk through a chilling remnant of the slave trade.  Though it can be mentally and spiritually difficult, this is an important experience that you will never forget- and many find it to be one of the most significant parts of their travels to Ghana.


Mole National Park
Covering 1,900 square miles, and home to 90 different species of mammals alone, you will have the rare opportunity to take a foot safari and get up close and personal to wild elephants, baboons, and monitors!


Kintempo Waterfalls
An amazing enclave, equally secluded and accessible.  Just off the road to Tamale, and a perfect stop for a picnic or a swim.

In addition to our stays in Accra and Tamale, included in the trip are four excursions.  Experience the diverse beauty, landscapes, animals and history of the southern and northern regions of Ghana. 

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We will be hosted in the town of Tamale, in Northern Ghana, in secure and comfortable facilities.  While traveling on excursions, we will stay in clean, comfortable hotels.  Lodging is double or group occupancy, unless otherwise indicated for supplemental cost. 


Every effort is made to make your experience as comfortable as possible, but do come with realistic expectations and be prepared for travel in a developing country.  Hotels all have electricity, but Ghana is known to have occasional rolling blackouts.  Plumbing is not readily available everywhere and the pipes are frequently turned off.   


Meals: In addition to the readily-available tropical fruit, meals are often based on staples such as rice, cassava, plantains, yams, and corn.  These mixed with delicious sauces and yummy spices, provide meals you will desire for long after you return home!  We will eat a traditional home-cooked breakfast and dinner ‘family style,’ and for lunch and snacks you have the opportunity to sample some of the best street food you’ve ever had.  Vegetarians or others with special dietary requirements are more than welcome, and will be accommodated for at every meal.


Breakfast and lunch are included in cost of trip.  Dinner expenses are on your own.

While in Ghana, you will be hosted in the town of Tamale with clean accommodations, a variety of local foods and reliable transportation.

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Financial Information


The fee for traveling with Tiyumba includes almost everything you will need to have an incredible experience in Ghana. The complete expense of your trip will depend on several things including how early you reserve your plane ticket, and most importantly, your personal spending habits.


Included in the price of your trip with us is:

Domestic transport to/from airport and for all planned group activities


Two meals per day

Daily dance and drum classes



Local Trades Lessons



Not included is:

International Airfare


Travel insurance

Visa fee


Drinks and water


Independent Activities

The fee for traveling with Tiyumba includes almost everything you will need to have an incredible trip. Total cost will depend on several factors, such as how early you reserve your plane ticket and your personal spending habits.

We are taking students for a 15-day trip in August 2020!  If you’re interested in joining us, please fill out this form or contact us.


What you will need:

  • Passport valid for three months beyond intended stay
  • Proof of yellow fever vaccination
  • Tourist visa — we will supply application instructions upon registration
  • Round-trip plane ticket
  • Travel insurance (medical)
  • Travel vaccinations and malaria prophylaxis

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