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Artistic Director and Founder

Fatawu Sayibu


Fatawu Sayibu is from the Northern Region of Ghana and comes from a drumming family; his traditional dances and use of the talking drum tell the stories of his culture, country, and people.  Fatawu is a performer, a teacher, a choreographer and a mentor to the children in his community, as well as his students here in the U.S.  


Every month Fatawu sends a large majority of his earnings back to his dance school in Ghana; providing costumes and instruments, while keeping the children that dance off the streets and connected to their traditional culture and heritage.  


Fatawu performs at various cultural and community events, teaches individuals or groups of any skill level in both studios and schools in the metropolitan area; his students will learn that West African music and dance brings joy, creates peace, love and unity! 

My Love for Drum and Dance

In my tribe, every family plays a role in the community.

Some families are blacksmiths, some are chiefs, others are butchers, etc. I come from a talking drum family. My family is responsible for passing our history from generation to generation with drumming, dancing, and singing.

Importance of Drum and Dance

Being connected to my culture brings me peace and grounds me in what matters most.

Knowing who I am, where I come from, what my heritage is, and how we are all connected has led me to where I am today. This is the reason why I started the M’bangba Cultural School, now Tiyumba Youth Development and Cultural Center (TYDCC), to give the opportunity for cultural connection to others.