Tiyumba Youth Development & Cultural Center

New Educational Building!

We are building the first educational building for the Tiyumba Youth Development & Cultural Center! 


The Tiyumba Youth Development and Cultural Center has been working to bring educational and cultural opportunities to youth in Tamale, Ghana since 2005. Initially, TYDCC has grown from serving around 15 students out of a one room studio in a family home to 50 students doing this important work from borrowed space in a school and open fields outside.


Many students and schools in Tamale do not have access to learning equipment such as libraries or computers. And many of the school classrooms have up to 50 or even 60 students per teacher. The center is looking to expand programming to more youth in the area so young people have the opportunity to thrive in their education and skills. As we grow, we hope to offer more culture-based development through individual and small group tutoring, high quality literature, technology and traditional learning opportunities for students and the local community.

Progress so far!

Screen Shot 2020-05-25 at 1.14.59 PM

Local builders dug the layout of the building and put into place the first 2,000 bricks along with metal framing and cement to make a strong foundation. This foundation has been filled with gravel and is ready for the first floor to be laid. We are now raising funds to continue building up through the window level.

$5 = 1 Brick to help build our new educational center
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Dream with us.

The center will include a library with computers, performance hall, classrooms for tutoring and guest rooms for students, volunteers and teachers. It will provide a safe space for youth to improve upon their formal education, learn their cultural heritage and share their learnings with their families and community.


Help us build this center!